Saturday, 18 April 2009

Praise God for books

Today I want to praise God for the way even memories aroused by books can show us our own foolishness. This happened this week as I delved into Terry Pratchett’s artfully constructed and amusing story of an inexperienced fairy godmother, Witches Abroad. As I read about the dangers of getting one’s soul trapped in endless mirrors and enjoyed the way the fairy godmother’s wand keeps resetting to pumpkins, I recalled a time when someone was trying to tell me about this book, and I, even though I was interested in Pratchett, was basically off in my own world, not listening. That was both foolish and unkind.

At times like these I am reminded how unlovely I am and how unworthy of God’s gracious love – praise Him that shows us what we are really like and, most of all, praise Him that He does graciously love the unlovely.

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