Friday, 17 April 2009

Fresh perspectives on everything from CS Lewis

I caught most of this documentary last night, a brilliantly fresh and relevant look at the thinker CS Lewis' ideas about the world, and how he thought there was more to it than just what can be described scientifically. I suppose most of us would agree with him on that point, really: Love, friendships, people, incredible sights and brilliant art/music all have more significance than can be described by formulas and tested based on their make-up.

The doc focuses on the Narnia books and shows just how much thought went into them! Finally it was good to see some thoughtful responses from Christian academics and thinkers, who pushed us to think about the big questions of life while still being relevant to the subject at hand, and only assuming interest in Lewis and Narnia.

For another take on the doc, try here or here.

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