Wednesday, 2 December 2009

New Poem: Knowing

Here's a new poem - exploring the contradictory desires of the self, and also perhaps looking at things which are temporary and pass from our lives. Seems to be a theme I often come back to. Let me know what you think.

Quisling one paddles towards graceful swan
Just as my thoughts break waves, pressing on,
Slapping them back, travelling directly through.

As the echoes of a dream quake around
Conscious thoughts know where they are going,
You, only you.

Every step he makes is a fight,
But there’s no restraint, he’s not right,
Moments of knowing will leave.

Temper admiration for his stealth,
His victories, his health,
Work hard not to be fully like him.

As gusty winds suppress a shout,
Turning him outside, and about,
We search for wisdom stars forgot to tell.

Our attitudes to our thoughts
Become other thoughts and platitudes,
And soon it is all forgotten.

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