Friday, 19 December 2008

Our report

Vacancy and poetry:
Ten times the employment rate of brainpower;
Five times held back by the statistics of strangers.

Hunger and management:
A gaping hole without open borders;
A regretful set of administrative errors.

Efficient armageddon:
Doomsayers which stand back and watch the system fail
Say nothing more from their computers

Thus, in conclusion, the action stops.

The above poem is borne from my feelings of frustration over certain politic and social problems I sometimes end up thinking about. Soon, I will be posting some more poems, including one that questions the what kind of progress our society is making (it's always assumed that we are so much better now than we used to be, isn't it?) and another which should clearly let you see where I think hope really lies. Hope you enjoy them and have a happy Christmas!

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