Thursday, 21 February 2008

"Urgency" and "Real Health Care?"

Here's a couple of related poems I wrote in November. I am quite shocked by the similar themes of my poetry at the moment. This and the difficulty of finding time to write something in any way worth sharing here has been the reason for my lack of posting. Hopefully this will change in the next few months!


A bowlful of headache, swirling,
Grows into a physical impossibility.

I upturn my emotional state onto someone near me
I hope with their straight head that they can see clearly.

Agonizing letters fly from my brain
To warn others, of pressing matters!

The thought I had before is now on the tip of my pen
Nothing can stop it writing itself again, and again.

What if I found a conclusion in this day-to-day activity?
You can’t stop me pretending it’s there

The part of me that knows there is more
Has really got no time to care.

Real health care?

Bowls overflow with heat and pour on his body
While canisters of breath stand by and fill up.
So much energy, no time to stop.

Bus-fuls of food get taken in
While airways clutter
A simple meal for two is thrown in the gutter.

Vats of moisture stand by, with bright strips
Of bandages covering the chest,
Tying up hope in whatever profits best.

Prepare for the chorus of loud requests:
Allow me to serve you,
Allow me to undress.
Peel back your eyelids to take in more,
Serenade this style,
Be totally cared for.

Be weary with the day and don’t try to sleep
That’s when you know your master:
The disaster you keep.

No strength is mustered, or can fight,
As you’re cluttered and gutted; quenched-
Feeling all right.

Both © 2007-2008 Richard Townrow.

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