Friday, 13 July 2007

Sunshine-inspired thoughts

Starting today I'm hoping to put on some other things I have been writing about different literature I'm reading, music I'm listening to that is important to me, and other things about our culture. Hence my (lengthy!) post on "Watchmen" below. Thoughts on Francis Shaeffer's brilliant book "The God Who Is There" will come soon.

But for now here's a couple of brief poems I wrote one day when the university campus was fun and full of sun - it was a good day.


After its preparatory stillness
A flurry of wing sets off the bird
White tips joining at the top where they met

Green blossoming out at me;
Branches waving generously;
I expected none to understand
I felt like summer.

Summer buoyed-up inside
I drank it in on a long tap,
Hoarded sun, its energy
Sustaining from its wide reserves.

Release towards others,
Would be a crucial expression
Of the joy-infused earth.
I, contemplating it,
then sit up, and give.

Rediscovering a friendship

Speaking I expected to be
Edging and then stepping
On ice.

But we had a conversation that day
I drinking in smiles, and pauses
Which were not quite easy, but not awkward.
I, encouraged by words, seeing what was meant,
She, meaning, giving, responsively

© 2007 Richard Townrow

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