Thursday, 31 May 2007

A few words on the purpose of this blog:

There is much that I need from others. I depend on them to help me in good times and bad, and direct me into good paths and not into others. The world is very needy, a place of difficulty and sadness, war and want. How do we cope?

Each of us contribute, bringing our own unique sound into a world of noise. My (inevitably flawed) contribution to writing is here. The things I can do, I must do. The things that are "me" things, the things that I can enjoy and thank God for, no matter how random (as long as they are good), I can go and do. So I will.

My writing is early and experimental, but I want it to work. I will be putting up my thoughts on different books and thinkers, as well as some poems and other creative things that I do which help me to think things through, or which I hope others will anjoy and/or benefit from. Please reflect on this stuff and then send me your comments here, so I can change and learn too.

I want to make you think. More than that – I want to persuade you, surprise you,
challenge and confront you, intrigue you and enliven you, encourage you and grip you. I don't want you to sit still after reading, I want you to be a different person. This, I think, is why anyone writes.

The rest is up to you.

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